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Hi, I'm John! 

I’m an Italian Texan (yes, funny I know) and over the last 15 years we’ve been apart of some fun things like..

  • Multi-year Joint Venture with Garth Brooks Company
  • Won Some Awards: American Music Award, Nominated for Song of the Year and Video of the Year
  • Supervised 1000s of Sync licenses
  • Can be Heard on 22 singles, 15 charted in Billboard top 10

I get to help lead Jetpack - A music experience company focused on expanding ways that support, strengthen and sell the music artists create. I’m Sams Dad, I live in the Nashville. I love ALL THINGS Music, Media and Tech.

But my favorite thing is training others. Making sure the artists that CAN change the world DO - Because honestly, the potential for YOUR music career has never been better when you put all the puzzle pieces in place.

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Where to find us 

[email protected]
+1- 615-646-1984
2916 Glenway Dr
Nashville TN 37215