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We are Music Hackers and these are our stories...
If you ask the record labels, they would tell that what we are doing is impossible. But it is happening, through an art and a science that we call Hacking Music.



The Artist's Operating System - The 4 Ts: Talent, Training, Tech and Team.


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Book 1 in The Hacking Music Series (E-book Edition)

Laying The Foundation - Removing Limiting Beliefs

  • This collection of mindsets, habits and forced multipliers help unplug artists from the magical thinking amany music artists succumb to and replace them with the pieces of a foundation that artists can build on throughout their career.

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Avoid “5 SILVER BULLETS” That Sabotage Music Careers

  • How to Avoid “5 SILVER BULLETS” That Sabotage Music Careers and Build a Real Career without Winning a Singing Contest.