No Secrets and No Surprises - The 20 Questions Doc


We are gonna have some fun with 30 tips in 3 minutes or less. If you want the full vault. You can grab it here. In this Tip—— No Secrets and No Surprises - The 20 Questions Doc Hey, everybody. Welcome to 30 tips in three minutes or less. I’ve been challenged to do this, so we're going to have some fun with it. In this first tip, I want to talk about no secrets and no surprises. So you are supervising projects, you're working with producers, you're working with editors, maybe there's an investor involved. Then on the music side, maybe there are rights holders, producers, maybe an orchestrator. Your job is to manage it, you are the “octopus” of the team. You've got to pull everything together and do it with clarity and integrity. The problem is that often a producer is not musically literate, maybe they don't do this often.Maybe this is a first-time filmmaker. So how do you bridge the language barrier when working on projects? So use a document called the 20 Questions document, it is fantastic for getting everybody on the same page. It pulls out all the details that may be a filmmaker really doesn't “want” to answer, but you kind of need him or her to answer the questions before you can go to work. So that's one of the foundation principles of music supervision and managing music and media is this idea of no secrets and no surprises. Again, think of yourself as the octopus you're, you're managing. All the moving parts of music supervision. You're working with producers, editors, rights holders, record labels, maybe there's publishers involved, and you have to get clarity across about a dozen different, very specific swim lanes, because you need to carry the ball across the finish line. And you need to do it under budget on time all while managing the communications for everybody. So that's a quick tip that we call no secrets and no surprises. There's a 20 questions document that you can download below it's essential and starting a project and finishing it well. So I hope that helps you and we'll see you in the next tip.

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