Music Myths You Believe - Magical Thinking and Fairy Farts

Join us as we learn to spot the debilitating beliefs that keep artist broke, desperate and chasing kites.

If any of these sound like you, keep reading.

* You crave & desire growth, musically, & professionally, every single day…

* You’re “okay” musically, but not thriving the way you know is possible… 

* You know the talent that got you HERE is not sufficient to get you THERE...

* You see what’s happening to the music industry, the economy...

* You need to be in control not “at the mercy” of anyone else...


If you cannot relate with any of them, save your time, stop reading and go back to whatever you were doing previously. To the rest of you — I’m talking directly to you right now.


As an artist, you can either try to get lucky and win a singing contest etc OR you GET BETTER and compete at a higher level.


If you’re tired of: 

- All the Spotify playlist shenanigans 

- All the pitch to music supervisor cattle calls

- All the magical music marketing mumbo-jumbo

- Competing for “free” 

- Chasing others “kites”

- Trying to win a label lottery game

- Trying to win "faux" awards 

- Zero revenues 

- Hustle porn


Instead... you realize you actually have to get better and compete at a higher level. Simply stated, you are ready to build an actual business under your music.


Join us for this conversation. 


The next Hacking Music Accelerator is starting soon. More info here. 

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