Introducing the Artist's Operating System - The 4 Ts: Talent, Training, Tech & Team


The good news is this is that there's no "They" anymore. There are no gatekeepers keeping you away from your career. It's YOU against YOU.

Artist have decoupled from record label model with artists building their own, taking this on for themselves.

  • *Last year, we saw 51% of all Grammy winners were indie artists. This means the artists are their label. The artists have all this baked into their team and they welcome it. They thrive on it.

It may helpful with so many new members joining our community to stripe the field and talk about how Hacking Music works, specifically around the four parts of an artist's career.

A headliner level artist, will always have The 4 T's aligned and well established: The 4 T's are Talent, Thinking Technology and Team.

As we've worked with headliner level artists on down to regional artists, artists we've done joint ventures with and won awards with, all the successful ones, have these four pieces firing and aligned together at the same time. You don't get to move from a "developing" artist, to a "deploying" artist, to a "dominating" artist without these four legs at the table. So let's talk a little bit about those four things. I think this is what it's meant when people call Hacking Music, an "operating system" for the new music marketplace, because it integrates the talent. It integrates the thinking. It integrates the technology and integrates the team into one aligned beast. I hope that helps you leave behind some of the low-resolution thinking and shift you into high-resolution as you move forward.

To dig more in the Hacking Music Training, check out our 30 tips in 3 Minutes. 

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