Agile Artists - Managing Projects that MATTER with Tommy Norman

Hey everybody, welcome to a conversation I call Agile Artists. This is all about managing projects that matter. We are joined today by my guest, Tommy Norman. This is EP 5 in How To Build A Platform Under Your Music: The 10 Habits That Are More Powerful Than Talent.
Whether we realize it or not, EVERYBODY IS A PROJECT MANAGER and to a large extent EVERYTHING IS A PROJECT. So let's make sure we get this right.
To be clear, I’m not talking about "quick" tasks, the “one and done” type things. I’m talking about chunky ones. The three month... six-month projects that are SUPER important to growing your career.
This conversation is about those kind of projects. The ones that may scare you a little bit. The ones that involve a number of people, all focused on building and winning together.
When we start out, many of us may not think of ourselves as a “project manager”, but at the end of the day, as your career grows and you begin to work on larger and more important projects, your role is actually, that of “overseer” and “manager” of that project. You are the “director”of the film if you will.
For new-ish artists, often times, the thing limiting your ability to grow is you not recognizing that you are responsible for managing your projects. An young “artist’ will want to “feel” their way though, and “improvise” a way, after all they are artists right? Well, NOT when managing big and chunky projects. Operating as an “Artist” only will seriously limit your growth when you managing projects with your “creative" muscle.
A solid understanding of PROJECT MANAGEMENT is VITAL as you move from a “DEVELOPING” artist to a “DEPLOYING” artist to “DOMINATING” artist.
As your career grows so do your responsibilities. This is exactly why I wanted to talk with Tommy. He has managed thousands of projects over the last 15 years and his HINDSIGHT is actually our FORESIGHT.
Also, if this makes your tail wag. I want to give you something that will move you forward.

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