The Role of MUSIC in Music Supervision The Help Desk with Lexi Jackson


I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Lexi Jackson sync associate at The Sync Center. Full disclosure, The Sync Center.  is our sync licensing arm at Jetpack. I thought I’d share the conversation because I believe it overlaps directly with the Hacking Music training. 

I hope you enjoy the conversation, I know I did.


Hi everyone! Welcome to another episode of "The Help Desk" with Lexi Jackson, Sync Associate at The Sync Center. Ever wonder if we take music submissions? Are you unsure of how to build lasting professional relationships in this industry? Do you send out music links, but get few replies? If you answered 'yes' to any of those questions, then this episode is for you. In this latest installment, we explore the role of music in Music Supervision and answer some pressing questions from our viewers. Lexi and John provide real-world examples of the types of music needed in various projects, while also going into detail about some horror stories they've experienced working in the field. All in all, this episode proves to be one of the most transparent conversations yet, so don't miss out. Remember, here at "The Help Desk", we're here to help! music submissions:

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