Equity Partnership 

Every year we take minority ownership in a limited number of quality brands. Our ethos is simple. Every company that works with us must be good for the FAN and good for the ARTIST – we make no exceptions.

The goal is simple: to use our portfolio of service companies and contacts to grow their brands beyond what they thought possible.
If you’re stuck in the $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 per year range and want to get beyond it, equity partnership could be an ideal scenario. We’ll invest a small amount of capital into your business but the main “lift” will be our private “partner-only” portfolio of service agencies. Everything from paid media, customer acquisition, investor management, HR, finance & sales operations — we’ll plug you into a machine that will push you past your previous limitations.

Equity Spots are currently all full, to inquire about this you need to get on the waiting list. Visit our portfolio site here and fill out a quick application to join the waiting list — someone will reach out when spots become available.

Visit out Equity Partner Site


Music Powers Content -

We Power Music. 

The Sync Center is a full-service music supervision and licensing company that has managed projects for hundreds of clients including national and global brands, agencies and cultural events.

Jetpack Artist Ventures


we make experiences that move the world a little more.


a record label as a service company.


We partner with artists, filmmakers, authors and companies to create products and experiences and engage your customers, drive revenue, build careers and surpass your competitors.

Jetpack Label Group

Great Experiences For Great Fans.