Laying The Foundation - Removing Limiting Beliefs

Book 1 in The Hacking Music Series (E-book Edition)

Details the components of a strong foundation in the music marketplace for artists and entrepreneurs. This collection of mindsets, habits and forced multipliers help unplug artists from the magical thinking and mythology many music artists succumb to and replace them with the pieces of a foundation that artist can build on throughout their career. This is the foundation that we will build upon in the coming books in the Hacking Music series.

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 “as the twig is bent, so grows the tree” 


Laying The Foundation - Removing Limiting Beliefs, Book 1 in The Hacking Music Series (E-book Edition). 

  • Hacking Music training has one singular mission - empower the artist to make his or her own career by providing examples, insights and exercises within vital areas.

  • Hacking Music is a book that you do, not just to get you to a record deal, but to get you through a record deal. Hacking Music takes the artist “behind the curtain” and shares the concepts and systems used daily by industry professionals and authors John Pisciotta, Wade Sutton and Jeff McMahon that will bring you back to this book again and again as you build your career.

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