Surround Yourself with Professional Artists

It's an amazing time to be a artist. It's never been easier to be paid for the things that you make! 

And I love the term “artist" because of its inclusiveness. If you self-identify as a artist, you are a artist. If you're making things, you're a artist.


But being a professional artist is a little bit of a different story.

Professional artists are financially rewarded by their work. Pros approach their work more methodically and with rigor.

Professional artists are entrepreneurs as much as they are artists. They're continuously building, shipping, growing and taking action based on results.

In my experience, there's no better life than that of a professional artist.

That's why I built Loud Lab

Inside Loud Lab, we're a bunch of artists training, building, growing in tandem. Not only does Lab Lab encourage you to move faster, and benefit of learning from the results of others some members choose to add a launch manager to help "drive the bus" FOR the artist. Allowing you get back to being the artist. 

If you're a serious artist, Loud Lab was made for you.


Learn From Me

Hey, John here. Loud Lab is where I'm investing the majority of my time and attention outside of running our business.

I want to help as many people as possible become professional artists. And I believe the best way for me to be successful is to ensure that the people I serve are successful.

So I created Loud Lab so that I could invest more time and effort into the creators who invest their time with me and my work.

But I can't help you become a professional artist with just a pre-recorded course. I can't help you become a professional creator with just a single cohort-based course, either.

Becoming a professional artist requires a lot of skills, mini-projects, and above all – time.

The best way for me to support you on that journey is through an ongoing relationship.

A place where I can share what I'm learning (including the changing landscape) for months if not years.

That means that inside Loud Lab, I'm extremely active in the forum and in direct messages. I host weekly live sessions each week including open Office Hours and 1:1 member Hot Seats.

I also create and curate the best training resources I can to help you build your creative platform.

Loud Lab is where I'm able to personalize my experience and insight to you and your specific situation and I love it.

And even better – it's a space for us all to learn together in real time.

Loud Lab is designed to be small (and stay small)....

I've been a part of large communities. 

And there are a lot of great things about them. But it's very easy to lose closeness to the community as it grows. So I've designed Loud Lab to stay small. That allows me to invest more of MY time in fewer people and gives me the time and space to continue building my own business.

At this time, Loud Lab is at full capacity. New spots will only be available once a member decides they do not wish to renew. New spots will be made available first to our Academy members, followed by our Waitlist.

Join now and pay the same price forever! Don't miss out on this opportunity to lock in your founder membership rate.

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An integrated training system, strengthening: Talent, Training, Tech and Team.


$270/YR - $27/MO

  • That Months Training Session
  • MEMBER ONLY "Call-Ins"
  • A digital copy of the Hacking Music: Habits of Headliners book, 258 pages. All Playbooks & Field guides. 


$770/YR - $77/MO

  • Access to Full Archive of Arena Trainings
  • Access to Our Private Community - a place where you can engage with your fellow subscribers and share your favorite takeaways, drop some epic wins, and get support throughout your journey from our AMAZING team!
  • Monthly Community Training Sessions
  • Monthly Collaboration Projects
  • 1:1 member Hot Seats.
  • A physical copy of Hacking Music book, 258 pages, mailed to your door, (Years, hours of my personal research, strategies, and lessons I've learned from growing my businesses - in the palm of your hand) [ $97 Value]
  • Members receive first opportunity for ACCELERATOR openings


$1670/YR - $167/MO

Arena plus: 

  • Members-only community forum
  • Access to all training courses ($1200 value)
  • Implementation Session Work 1 to 1 Monthly with Your Launch Manager
  • MEMBER ONLY "Call-Ins" to get customized advisory & close up access
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Best for those who want long-term access to a single course and prefer a DIY approach with lifetime access to the course curriculum



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