How "Hacking Music " Works.
The world has changed. Universities are preparing artists for a world that doesn’t exist. Many people are dissatisfied with the dinosaur record label model of the past 30 years.
So a lot of people are interested in building it themselves. Artists want to remarkable music ALONG WITH a real and remarkable career.
Here's the thing I want to say up front.
A lot of people think that artist and entrepreneurship is a really unpredictable road. They think that it's dangerous and risky.
I've got an analogy that I think is worth saying right up front.
So as some of you may know, I've got an eight year old, his name is Sam, so we’ve have lots and lots of Legos.
So imagine you start with this Lego box and you look at the front of the box and on the front of the box is the AWESOME picture of what it should look like at the end.
And tip the Legos out on the carpet.
It's a big mess. And you say, how do I get from that mess to that picture on the box?
And then there's a little set of instructions that says, do this, then this, then this. And it breaks it down just step by step by step. Then you don't have to really think if you just simply do the steps very rapidly, it starts looking like the front of the box.
Now, Hacking Music is actually very similar to that.
Now, Hacking Music is actually very similar to that.
There are a series of steps and you go step by step by step by step. It’s what we call the ascension model. And then it starts looking like the front of the Lego box pretty quickly.
So That's what we cover each day. I want to like basically try and demystify it a little bit. I want to take all the kind of weird, risky kind of misconceptions out of it.
What is The "Hacking Music " Model?
All artist's companies in our portfolio are deploying a new “Hacking Music” model - which secures more freedom, fun and margin.
It’s a model that runs counter to the old, antiquated “record label" music industry model.
  • They focus on luck. We focus on models.
  • They focus on quantity of songs. We focus on quality.
  • They focus on “stardom”. We focus on margin.
  • They focus on “likes”. We focus on expeirences.
  • They focus on exausting artists. We focus on strengthening artists.
Everything optimizes for steady, controlled, and enduring growth.
We achieve this by deploying multiple “MODELS” into your business, including:
  • The Fan First Model

  • “Revolving Revenue” 

  • The Super Teams Method 

  • ​Lean Artist Method 

  • Monetizr Technolgy SAAS Stack

  • Moat Codex (key metric to know if you’re protected)

  • Etcetera
Our Model
Overview of the Hacking Music process
Our acenstion model included 12 Achievement Cycles where we install career components that align & monetize your talent and ability.
John Pisciotta
Mananger Trainer
Laying the Foundtion: Know Yourself
Great artists build on solid foundations. Here we focus on helping artists remove limiting beliefs and "magical" thinking.
Artist As Hacker
Here we apply the mindsets commonly displayed by hackers and apply them to building a career in the music business.
Super Songs
Songs First - Songs LAST. Songs are the carrer vihicles artists DRIVE thoughout thier career.
Super Teams & Doing Deals
BUILDING TEAMS TO WIN. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. — African Proverb
Mental Models for Musicians
If we can change one
SMALL thing that’s
guaranteed to change
all the BIG things…
it is your MIND.
Ground Game & Strategy Development
This is how artists identify the mistakes, the wins, what’s working, and what might not be.
Monetizr: Revenue, E-Commerce and Productization
Your digital back-office. We reveal the digital plumbing, the product bundles, the sales funnels and the automation that drives revenues.
Tech Tools and Automation - Your Back Office
Your digital back-office. We reveal the digital plumbing, the product bundles, the sales funnels and the automation that drives revenues.
Lean Music Method
Lean Music Methodology puts an emphasis on rapid prototyping, meaning the process through which an artist tests something that may later become a finished product.
Staging Experiences and Show Delopement
The module walks you though 24+ of the most common “deal structures” artists will see and be offered though out their career.
Sync, Supervision & Clearance
Mittelgroßer Klartext zur Darstellung eines echten Onepage-Anwendungsfalls. Etwa 100 Symbole reichen normalerweise aus, um einen Absatz zu füllen, sodass er optisch perfekt und leicht zu lesen ist
Business Model Canvas [ Record Label and Publishing Models]
The module walks you though 24+ of the most common “deal structures” artists will see and be offered though out their career.
An Emerging Model For Sustainable Growth in ALL Areas
Here’s the model we use today.
It’s called the “Hacking Music” model.
It’s built with expiereinces, automation and service in mind. We optimize for MARGIN across the board in ALL areas - financial, personal, professional.
We analyzed the defective components of legacy dinosaur music business and figured out how to “invert” them.

A standard artist career feels like this:
  • Feast & Famine
  • Start Over Every Month
  • Linear & Unleveraged Time
  • ​High Stress

The "Hacking Music" model, in contrast, is:
  • Steady & Predictable
  • “Revolving” Revenue Models
  • Time & Money Not Connected
  • ​Scalable & Sellable
We completely reinvented the model from the ground up to secure more longevity, revenue and sanity for artists.
The 4 Stages of Hacking Music
Any artist that is worth anything will go through these 4 stages - avoiding the inevitable pitfall of standard record label horror story:
A “full cycle” takes ~3-7 years.

Picture that: start tomorrow… and by the year 2027, you are free.
The process is designed to be enjoyable and fun through the entire build - and in the end, our artists are in possession of a legitimate business with real value.
Built On MODELS, Not Luck
Let me ask you a question:
If you turned off your 'creative' muscle, how long would it take before your business stopped working?

Here’s the deal:
  • The old system focuses on luck...We focus on MODELS.
  • The old system focuses on quantity...We focus on QUALITY.
  • The old system focuses on "stardom"...We focus on MARGIN.

Our model incentivizes getting better, not getting bigger.
Because when you get better, your fans will beg you, and PAY you.
This is the future of artists - it’s already occurring in the field.
Careers aren't given out they are built out
Building artists for the next 50 years, not the last 50 years.
Where Developing artists become
Deploying and Dominating Artists.
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John Pisciotta
Manager Trainer
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A 20 point career diagnostic check-up
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