John's Story.
John Pisciotta is an entrepreneur, artist trainer dedicated to helping you become the person you have always dreamed of being.
I get to wake up everyday focused on the mission to replace the great artist we have lost with the NEXT generation of healthy, more creative and more profitable artists
-John Pisciotta
John was born in Austin TX, but he planted his roots in Nashville, Tennessee. John’s appeal lies in his unique approach to reverse engineering the habits of headliners, sharing the trials, vulnerabilities and adversities that we’re all so familiar with – equipping artists with the tools and capabilities to break through barriers, unlock their true potential and become unstoppable
Throughout his teenage years, John took up studying music and playing guitar and became a passionate musician and early adopter in computer technology which initially led him to work in the Texas live music community.

He began teaching guitar in the area working in studios and playing in bands.
Fortunate to attend Belmont University, John moved to Nashville in the early 90s to continue his journey. He continued teaching and playing locally while at Belmont, while there John received a Belmont’s Best of the Best Award and graduated from Belmont University with a focus in Entertainment and Music Business.
A European tour offered John the touring time to visit Monaco, France, Switzerland and Italy. John graduated [ in absentia ] from Belmont with a focus in Performance and Music Business while on tour in Switzerland.
After his touring years, and living in buses and airports, John felt the need to become more productive than the 2 hours on stage each night. John left the touring scene and started writing and producing for Sony ATV Tree where he spent years working under his mentor Randy Cox.
John quickly discovered his natural aptitude for production, and over the next few years production and songwriting became his passion.
He produced artists, upstreaming them to majors, started sync licensing music in film and tv, and co-ventured with Garth Brooks company.
Songs were nominated for song of the year, video of the year and in 2012 received an American Music Award for his longtime collaborator Moe Loughran.
Throughout his 20s and early 30s he built and established many business ventures, and served as Entrepreneur in Residence for venture capital firms raising millions of dollars in the process.

John began a sync business unit based around sync, music supervision and music clearance, which was eventually spun out as The Sync Center.
After multiple mentors, life lessons, successes and failures in 2017 John began a business consultancy company based around education, training and support, which was eventually titled Hacking Music.

Now, John can often be found managing his business, training artists in the Hacking Music method and speaking to audiences and mentoring business leaders.
John is a devoted father and resides just outside of Nashville on his farm with his family.
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