Hacking Music: The Habits of Headliners: 

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Dear Artist,

It happens everyday, most artists get stuck "golfing in the dark"...

...trying to get lucky or win a singing contest. Artists implementing the Hacking Music system develop a clear strategy roadmap that they and their teams execute against. Not only does this help artists create better music it helps them strengthen their focus and resilience in all parts of their career.

Hacking Music is different, ON PURPOSE. It's A Music System that isn't about making MUSIC. We’ve purposely avoided focusing on the creative part. Instead we focus on how you think, plan, build THE BUSINESS of being an artist. 
Developed over the last 15 years in management offices, recording studios, writer rooms, board rooms, arenas and tour busses. This system contains the distilled tools, tactics, and 'inside baseball' you won't find anywhere else. 
My name is John Pisciotta, and I have the only no-bullshit system that will propel your music career forward, systematically build your audience, and built a stable platform that supports, strengthens, and SELLS your music. 
I created this, my ultimate collection of high-leverage tools, for myself. It's changed my life, and I hope the same for you.

Problem: In The Old World, Labels Were the Center of the Wheel

The artist community has been stuck on the same outdated techniques for years. 

Artists have been fed a steady diet of limiting beliefs and magical thinking, we call it the "Label - Lottery - Luck" mindset. 
The gate keepers and decision makers don’t want you to know the real game being played, because that would change the leverage. They want to keep artists dependent, broke and frustrated.
FOR MOST ARTISTS, It’s not their fault they failed. They were meant to fail. Artists have been playing the wrong game for years.
Now, the decision makers are gone. It's YOU against YOU. This is A COMPLETE AND TOTAL REFRAME
Your career will be built, not by making one lucky decision. Your career will be built by making 1000s of right decisions over time

NOW: Artists are the Center and THAT Changes Everything!

Ever watch the Shark Tank? Think about every deal that's made. 

The Sharks don't invest based on the business owner's looks. They don't invest based on talent. They don't invest in hopes and dreams.
The Sharks on Shark Tank invest when they find a business owner already making sales, who already have audiences willing to buy their products, and who already have systems in place ready for explosive growth.
That's what my Hacking Music System does. Hacking Music is for artists serious about working on themselves, their business and their music.
And I have a FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP that shows my exact system.

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  • How to Avoid “The 5 SILVER BULLETS” Sabotaging Most Artist's Career 

  • Discover the simple, actionable, collection of micro-habits and force multipliers that train you and your team do more of the right things…faster.

  • Remove limiting beliefs that allows you to Develop, Deploy & Dominate 

  • Use the same force multipliers and micro habits that are used daily by the top 2% of all Artists

  • Create better music, strengthen your focus and build resilience across all the parts of your career.

  • Understand the Business Models that you will see and enter into throughout your career.  

What We See Everyday...

  • ​Artists Launching new recordings fully funded AND debt free

  • Product Launches profitable from SALE ONE

  • Artists Building Careers in Sync and Supervision

  • Artists having $1,000 days over & over

  • ​Merch bundles that allow fans to Experience Artists in new & smarter ways.

  • E-com stores in the top 5% of ALL ECOM stores

  • In short, leaving the "LABEL, LOTTERY & LUCK" game behind. 

From John:

Most artists operate out of a lottery worldview. You can try to get lucky but it's much easier to actually get BETTER and to compete at higher levels. 


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Understanding where your gaps lie, helps you fill your gaps, both for you personally and your team. The Music Business Model Canvas in Hacking Music helps artists understand the details and the many deals an artist will enter into thoughout their career.


Hacking Music Artists develop a clear strategy roadmap that they and their teams execute against. This helps artists create better music and strengthen thier focus and resilience in all parts of thier career.



The training found in Hacking Music helps aritsts undestand and implement the 80+ tools, Frameworks, Force Multipliers and Micro Habits we use everyday with our artists, companies and partners.

Train Yourself, Your Business & Your Mind.​


Train Yourself, Your Business & Your Mind.

  • Understand where your gaps lie, then fill your gaps.
  • ​Avoid "golfing in the dark", trying to get lucky or win a singing contest. 
  • ​Implement the Hacking Music system to develop a clear strategy roadmap that you and your team execute against.
  • ​100% Proven Step-by-Step methods provided for artists serious about working on themselves, their business and their music. 
  • Completely free webclass - see if you have what it takes!


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Artists who want to create amazing music AND build an amazing career. Artists who are ready to build a 10-15-20 year career.

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An operating system for the way the music marketplace actually works.

- Ted Goldthorpe
Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Supervisor North American Publishing


"Hacking Music separates the music hobbyist from true career minded artists.  It's jam packed with professional career strategy modules and coursework coupled with accountability. I am so glad I have taken this challenge for my career. Thank you John!"

-AJ Jansen

“Do You Want To Be The First In Your Own Line, Or Last In A Line Of Imitators? If Harvard Had A Course On The New Music Industry, This Would Be The Textbook”

-Steve Thompson, Producer/engineer Guns N’ Roses (Appetite For Destruction), John Lennon, Mick Jagger,
David Bowie, Korn, Wu-tang, Metallica

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The Hacking Music Modules

Developed over the last 15 years in management offices, recording studios, writer rooms, board rooms, arenas and tour busses. This system contains the distilled tools, tactics, and 'inside baseball' you won't find anywhere else.


Great artists build on solid foundations. Here we focus on helping artists remove limiting beliefs and "magical" thinking.


Here we apply the mindsets commonly displayed by hackers and apply them to building a career in the music business.


Understand and step through the process by which you consciously create ways to set yourself apart from everybody else. 


This is how artists identify the mistakes, the wins, what’s working, and what might not be.


BUILDING TEAMS TO WIN. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. — African Proverb


Your digital back-office. We reveal the digital plumbing, the product bundles, the sales funnels and the automation that drives revenues. 


Lean Music Methodology puts an emphasis on rapid prototyping, meaning the process through which an artist tests something that may later become a finished product.


The module walks you thought 24+ of the most common “deal structures” artists will see and be offered though out their career.

Stress Tested over 15 years, takeaways from:Management offices, recording studios, writer rooms, board rooms, venture capital and performance arenas.

  • Joint Venture with Garth Brooks Co.

  • Writer/Producer for Sony Tree 

  • American Music Award

  • Song and Video of the Year Nomination

  • 1000s of Sync licenses

  • Heard on 22 singles - 6 singles that reached #1

  • 15 singles charted in the Billboard top 10 

  • 18MM+ raised for our portfolio companies

  • Trained Artists at Belmont and Harvard University 

You don’t build a career with cheat sheets and swipe files. You build a career by understanding the moving parts and actually becoming better, more competitive as an artist.

-John Pisciotta, Hacking Music